The services we offer in EuroFreeze are characterized by the extensive experience and expertise of our technicians. Our long presence in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration gives us the know-how to meet every requirement of our customers, while ensuring the reliability and functionality of our sites.

We carry out projects, supply and install:

  • Professional refrigerators

  • Cooling machines

  • Cold chambers

  • Turnkey Projects

We attend to companies selling and storing food, such as Minimarkets, Supermarkets, butchers, bakeries, fishmongers, greengrocers, mass catering, hotels, food industries, etc.

Main objectives of EuroFreeze during planning-installation-operation:

• Maximum temperature control to ensure food quality

• Design based on efficiency and functionality of the facilities without the latter affecting the sales areas

• Elegance and design so the products are ideally displayed

• Continuous monitoring of temperature changes and other values (e.g. humidity) and possibility of automatic settings to minimize energy consumption and maximize performance. All refrigeration points and equipment are monitored through the internet and wireless applications and both our company and the customer are given notice through sms.

• Contacting customers after the completion of the project and continuous support so that the feedback ensures maximum duration and performance of your investment

24/7 support

  Eurofreeze offers 24hours support to its clients and is able to continuously monitor the operating conditions of its clients facility. Our company uses modern methods of telemetry and automatic failure notifications, via email and sms. That gives our technicians the ability to visit the customer's facility in no delay and directly repair the damage.