The company EuroFreeze was founded in 2006 by Grigoris Tsitsonis to help meet the needs of the greek market in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration. Mr. Tsitsonis has been active in this area, as a freelancer, since 1988 having gained a knowledge and experience of 30+ years.

EuroFreeze undertakes the design, planning and implementation of refrigeration and deep-frozen food facilities in restaurants, storage rooms and sales areas. Our company's activity range is wide, as it covers small business needs, such as mini markets and butchers, to mass catering, supermarkets and hotels.

In summary, our products and our services are professional food refrigerators (refrigeration / deep-frozen), cold storage and food storage refrigerators.

 Quality of service, respect  and reliability towards customers & partners and respect for the environment, are vales that EuroFreeze abides to. We consciously choose to be in constant communication with our customers-partners in order to get the necessary information that will enable us to improve our services. Managers and specialized technicians of EuroFreeze follow and are daily updated on the technological developments and innovations in the field of commercial food cooling; we believe that the appropriate choice of machinery / automation, combined with the correct installation we offer, meet the needs of our customers – and by extension those of Greek consumers –perfectly.

In addition, the investment of EuroFreeze on modern technologies aims at environmental protection and maximum energy savings, since the equipment  and installation techniques that we choose are accompanied by the highest international certificates of energy efficiency and operational safety.

High standards of quality and design

Quality, reliability, operational safety and aesthetics of the final product can be combined and EuroFreeze absolutely guarantees that.

Grigoris Tsitsonis